Can You Trust Your Financial Advisor? [0.17]

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There is a disconnect in the financial industry, and it is yet to be resolved.

The problem is that too many people who work as financial advisors aren't legally required to have their clients' best interests at heart.

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US Seniors Hammered by Debt [0.09]

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One-third of Americans over the age of 50 carries non-mortgage debt averaging $4,786 in credit card debt and $12,490 in total non-mortgage debt. The data were analyzed and results published last Friday by MagnifyMoney.

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5 Side Gigs for Retirees [0.20]

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Some retirees just aren't ready to leave the working world altogether. Whichever category you fall into, here are some ideas for side jobs that can work particularly well for retirees.

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In Defense of the 401(k) [0.13]

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He does this primarily by bringing in associates to work for him and investing his earnings in his real estate side business. See how this works?

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Here's How to Retire Early [0.14]

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We hear stories all the time about people who manage to retire in their 50s, 40s, or even earlier.

If you're serious about retiring ahead of schedule, whether that means leaving the workforce at age 50 or sometime in your early 60s, you have a pretty good shot at meeting that goal if you start working toward it soon enough.

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A reverse mortgage can indeed be a big boon in retirement, providing needed income and improving your financial security. But reverse mortgages are not without some drawbacks and dangers.

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How to Best Leave an IRA to Charity [0.16]

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Some of the charities are big and some are small churches or 501(c)(3)s. It would make sense to fund the charities' shares with the retirement benefit asset (the IRA) because the charities will pay no income tax on the IRA proceeds, whereas if the individuals' shares are funded with IRA assets their net inheritance will be reduced by income taxes. The client dies and then the charities find out, but the IRA provider won't simply issue the charities a check upon presentation of proper identification and Form W-9.

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Q: Are all of my retirement funds tied up until I'm 59 1/2 years old, or are there ways to access my money early?

You can take a withdrawal from your retirement account whenever you want, but you can get hit with a 10% early withdrawal penalty from the IRS unless you qualify for an exception.

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How Am I Stacking Up? [0.15]

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Once a year, they send you a sheet detailing your 401(k) performance and comparing you to your peers. The PCRA option does cost me $200 extra a year (plus commissions if I don’t use Schwab ETFs), but that works out to be less than the 0.2% for me.

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You're not the only one feeling overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds out there. But avoiding your 401(k), or keeping all your money in a savings account can cost you in the long run.

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It's an oft-bemoaned fact that 1 out of 3 Americans has no retirement savings.

Most people don't begin by maxing out their IRAs or 401(k)s. Rather, they start small and use the power of compounding to turn years of modest contributions into larger sums.

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Opponents of a federal rule intended to protect investors might get some of what they want. The proposed 18-month pause mirrors the request from some opponents in the financial services industry, which already had succeeding in getting one delay.

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The roaring stock market rally that President Trump loves to boast about has left half the country behind.

Only 54% of Americans have money invested in the market, either through individual stocks, mutual funds or retirement plans like a 401(k), according to a Gallup survey in April.

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The Great Recession had quite an impact on everyone, but it seems to have made a particularly deep impression on Millennials. Sure, the stock market is guaranteed to take some deep dives during your lifetime, but since you don't need to touch the money for decades, that won't matter.

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Last year, a Northwestern Mutual study revealed that 85% of U.S. adults suffer from financial anxiety . Last year, GOBankingRates reported that 69% of U.S. adults have less than $1,000 in savings , while 34% have no savings at all.

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4 Reasons Not to Retire Early [0.13]

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Many people dream of being able to retire early, envisioning trips to exotic islands, a house on the beach, or simply never using an alarm clock again.

For many people, though, early retirement isn't just a dream.

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Though many working Americans don't put much thought, or much savings, into retirement, if you're the type who's been planning for the future, you may have reached a point where you've decided when you can retire and what you'll do with your time once you're no longer working.

It's a known fact that many Americans are behind on retirement savings, but a shocking number of older workers have yet to set aside money for the future.

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Some people shy away from annuities because compared to other investment options, they can be complicated and difficult to understand.

Now there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as if you happen to become permanently disabled or, worse yet, pass away, but generally speaking, it's a bad idea to touch your annuity before reaching 59-1/2.

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Although I will admit that the title of this post is a bit glamorous, I wanted to share the simplicity of the message.

Typically, every morning we will sit down to eat breakfast.

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The Securities and Exchange Commission has accused four Atlanta, Georgia-area brokers of fleecing federal government employees saving for retirement out of $40 million.

Overall, the agents sold federal employees about 200 variable annuities for approximately $40 million and earned about $1.7 million in commissions between March 2012 and November 2014, the SEC alleged in its complaint.

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