This market rally is on ‘borrowed time’: Strategist [0.11]

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The long-running bull market could be on its last legs, says PNC's Bill Stone. That is significantly longer than the average 50-day streak for a 5 percent pullback and 167-day run for a 10 percent drop.

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Markets rebounded on Monday, and one trader believes it's a sign the bull market will rage on.

On CNBC's "Trading Nation" Monday, Gordon took a look at the Nasdaq-tracking ETF (QQQ).

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SPY Trends and Influencers August 12, 2017 [0.07]

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Last week’s review of the macro market indicators noted heading into the first full week of August that equity markets were settling and marking time near their highs.

The SPY started the week like it ended the last one, in a tight range.

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I’m joking of course but doesn’t it feel that way?

We should have fun trading markets, and it sure does feel like this pullback is the market saying “Hmm.

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Is It Too Late to Buy Alibaba Stock? [0.10]

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Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA) has ascended into market leadership in 2017, posting a series of new highs while rewarding shareholders with outsized returns. This resilience has forced market technicians and the spreadsheet crowd to collectively wonder if it's too late to buy Alibaba shares and get in on the good vibes.

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If the markets hit a downturn, Amazon and Netflix are the most vulnerable of the FAANG stocks, according to Rob Sanderson, managing director at MKM Partners. Between the two, Amazon has the "most tangible long-term story" while Netflix is more controversial and would come down the most if the market hits some volatile times, he said.

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Last week I wrote an article about Applied Optoelectronics (AAOI) that generated quite a few comments, at least for my articles. I still believe in the AAOI growth story for the reasons I outlined in my article last week and in the above paragraph.

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Mark Zuckerberg was 12 years old the last time the stock market was this calm.

It's yet another sign of a hot market.

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With the Dow Jones Index surging seven days in a row straight up, we’d be totally crazy to plan for a pullback instead of buying, buying, buying a rally that’s never going to end… right?

We saw a similar pullback to the rising 20 day EMA ignite a bullish fire that sent the Dow surging toward – then above – 21,000 in a roughly 14 day straight-up rally (we’re only at seven now).

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If searching for trade ideas, one of the first places to consider looking is at stocks that have significantly outperformed the major indexes over the past six months, the past year or year to date (YTD). This can be done by sorting stocks by performance, from high to low, and then going through the stocks and looking for trade setups.

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The three-day sell-off that started last Thursday came and went, and Jim Cramer had some post-pullback advice to share with investors who made it through the pain. Start selling tomorrow.

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After a series of new all-time highs – at which point we really can’t draw a Fibonacci Grid to target pullbacks – we ARE seeing a decent pullback today to a key “first Fibonacci” target.

Follow along with members of the Afraid to Trade Premium Membership for real-time updates and additional trade planning.

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Despite the extended pullback in the crude oil space, Schlumberger's conference call gave Jim Cramer some renewed hope that things could be looking up for the sector.

The CEO pointed out that Wall Street, which once was eager to fund deals in the space, has backed off given the widespread declines in oil prices.

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The stock market has been stuck in low gear—in the best possible way.

While the overall breadth of the market has been sturdy, with more stocks rising than falling on a consistent basis, sectors have moved in and out of leadership in a kind of "immaculate rotation" that has refreshed and supported the broad indexes while keeping strong segments from getting over-extended and preventing weak areas from buckling the tape.

Gear index market months moved percent pullback rising stock strong


General Electric continues to struggle with a breakdown to new swing lows this morning.

When price in a downtrend makes a new swing low – and is confirmed with a new momentum low (like we saw at the beginning of July) – odds favor a new price low yet to come after a pullback.

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Nasdaq 9+ Day Winning Streaks [0.16]

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Below is a look at historical winning streaks for the index since its inception back in 1971.

Below is a list of Nasdaq winning streaks of 9 days or longer throughout its history.

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Wall Street could see a pullback of 3 to 5 percent next month, strategist Katie Stockton told CNBC on Monday.

After her predicted pullback, Stockton sees the S&P reaching 2,640 in the intermediate term, which she defines as weeks to months.

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QMA is a business of Prudential Financial and its managing director Ed Keon, a frequent guest on CNBC, has been a long-time optimist about the stock market. The euro area in particular is several years behind the U.S. in terms of business and monetary policy cycles and its economic prospects are the best they have been in a decade.

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The next leg higher in the S&P 500 [0.10]

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Since ending a strong run higher at the end of February it has been a tough 4 and a half months for the S&P 500. It looked like it would break higher then but could only manage a less than 2% gain before topping in June and embarking on another 6 week pullback.

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Biotech has been a nagging pain for the market [0.08]

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Healthcare has been one of the last sectors to join the move to new highs. Those targets just happen to be at the last two peaks on the way down.

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