The stock has been stock in a 20-year trading range since the Long-Term Capital Crisis of late 1998.

Next year, August of 2018, will mark the 20th anniversary of the prior material all-time high in KO's stock of $44.47 that was hit in late July, early August 1998 just as the market would start to come unglued on the Russian debt crisis and the unwind of Long-Term Capital Management's fiasco that Alan Greenspan had to bail the US economy out of at the time.

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Yet it is best known as a sinkhole for investor money, with the three firms that bought it having written off their entire stakes in the enterprise and creditors still squabbling over how to reorganize its finances.

Yet four years later, Berkshire Hathaway seeks to buy Energy Future outright in a bid to expand its growing energy holdings.

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Breakingviews: Buffett Needs to Be Bigger in Texas [0.08]

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Warren E. Buffett’s folksy charm may come in especially handy for his Oncor encore.

His Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate is taking a second stab at Oncor, a Texas electricity provider, and its parent company, Energy Future, six years after a $2 billion investment led to hefty losses.

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Buffett Bets on Energy With Deal for Texas Utility [0.11]

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The deal values the equity of Oncor, in which Energy Future owns an 80 percent stake, at $11.25 billion.

Underpinning the deal was a wager that natural gas prices would keep climbing, earning the buyout firms a steady return on their investment.

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It is the latest instance of Mr. Buffett entering into a financially fraught deal that most other lenders would avoid.


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But the movie doesn’t shy away from portraying Mr. Buffett, now 86, as something of a remarkable human computer, gifted with numbers and less so with interpersonal relationships.


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