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Momentum based indicators are one of the most popular tools when it comes to technical analysis. While there are many different momentum based indicators, the RSI and the Stochastics oscillators are two of the most commonly used technical indicators.

developed indicator momentum rising RSI signal Stochastics Stochastics oscillator Technical Trend


Arnaud Legoux moving average or ALMA for short is a recent addition to the family of moving average technical indicators. The fact that the ALMA is based on the moving average indicator makes it universally acceptable, across different markets and different time frames.

ALMA Arnaud Legoux makes moving Oscillator oversold setting Stochastics trading


What are the top 10 Liquid Futures Contracts? [0.09]

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What are the top 10 Liquid Futures Contracts?

While there are many different futures trading contracts, in terms of liquidity and volume not every futures contract looks the same.

Emini future futures contracts liquid market note P500 trader trading year


How and Why Do Futures Contracts Rollover? [0.10]

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Of the many things that makes futures trading uniquely different to other markets such as over-the-counter traded spot forex or stocks is the concept or rollovers or expiration. Unlike stocks or spot markets where the instrument can be traded and held in perpetuity, futures contracts and other derivative instruments come with what is known as a rollover.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Futures Broker [0.21]

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Choosing a futures broker is probably as important a decision as it can be for a futures trader. Without having the right platform to support you as a trader and offering you the right tools to make an informed decision, no amount of trading strategy or expertise will be able to help you if the basics not in place.

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Day Trading E-Mini Futures with Moving Averages [0.04]

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Moving averages are one of the simplest and universal technical analysis indicators that are widely used across different markets and time frames. While the indicator can often be dismissed for its age or its simplicity, the fact that moving averages are widely used in the markets today is perhaps a testament to its importance and relevance in the markets even to this day and age.

averages EMA exponential indicator market moving Technical trader trading values data


What is the Correlation of Gold Futures to Gold ETFs? [0.14]

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Gold, as an investment vehicle serves its purpose, not just as a hedge against inflation for investors but it has also become an integral part of a diversified portfolio among investors. Gold, also known as the precious metal or yellow metal is not just sought after during times of economic crisis or geo-political uncertainty (demand does peak during such times when risk appetite wanes) but has become an actively invested commodity in the investing community regardless of the market conditions.

ETF future GLD Gold investors leverage physical SPDR Times trading


7 Things to Know Before You Trade NIFTY50 Futures [0.10]

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One of the benefits of trading futures is the fact that traders can get access to just about any major stock index or an exotic currency in the futures markets, with the benefit of trading on margin or leverage. While Japan's Nikkei 225 or the London FTSE100 futures are some of the non-American equity index futures markets that one can trade, the NIFTY50 futures makes for an interesting stock index futures to trade.

contracts futures index market Nifty50 stock trade trader trading Volume


The concept of margin or margin trading is of utmost importance in the trading community, including futures and other derivatives markets spanning across different asset classes. Margin, in futures trading is basically a deposit made in good faith with the broker.

broker Exchange futures initial margin margin requirement market position trade trading


Gap trading can be one of the simplest of technical trading approaches to day trade the futures markets. Gaps are a common phenomenon in the stock markets where the pre-market and after hours markets tend to see prices gap higher or lower.

contracts FULL futures gap higher market mini pattern session trading


Futures trading rooms are probably the next step in the evolution of marketing hype that can entice the gullible traders for all the wrong reasons. In the world of online trading, there is no dearth of misinformation.

difficult easy futures market online time trade trader trading trading room


For a beginner to futures trading and sometimes even professional futures traders, keeping track of the trading hours for the various futures contracts can get a bit overwhelming especially when it comes to following the U.S. futures trading hours on the futures markets of your choice. While it is easy to keep track of the trading hours for your favorite U.S. futures trading assets, the moment you switch to a new asset, traders need to pay attention to the particular asset’s futures market trading hours.

asset big futures hours market track trade trader trading underlying


5 Ways You Could Have Day Traded Brexit [0.07]

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Geo-political risks especially in the developed economies aren't that many. Of course, in terms of the timing, day traders based in the UK and Europe were at a better advantage compared to traders in other parts of the world.

Brexit British pound FTSE100 futures hour June referendum trader UK vote


Investors who lost money on Black Monday in October 1987 would have never imagined the strong Bull Run that engulfed the equity markets in the following years. With the Dow Jones index now standing within a few points grasp of conquering new highs, here’s a brief look at the how the DJIA has performed, since hitting lows of 1766.7 on Black Monday, and the factors that led to the crash and the policy decisions that helped the Dow to continually brush aside the dips and move into one of the strong bull runs ever seen in U.S. history.

crash Dow Dow Jones highs hitting index managed market Monday October


What Factors Influence 10-Year T-Note Futures? [0.12]

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Treasury bonds and notes are one of the most widely tracked debt instruments in the markets by investors, regardless of their exposure to debt or equity markets. Among the different types of Treasuries that are available, the 10-year T-Note is uniquely positioned in terms of maturity or the duration of the bond thus making it one of the most widely tracked debt instruments.

bond face interest market maturity note rate Treasury year yield


T-bond futures or treasury futures are derivative contracts that are available for trading from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), part of the CME Group. The Treasury bond futures allow traders to gain exposure to the underlying asset which are the different versions of the U.S. treasuries.

bond contracts day eurodollar Fed Funds futures interest rate trade Treasury underlying


7 Things You Need to Know About Corn Futures [0.06]

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Trading the corn futures markets has its appeal for traders interested in the grains market. Corn futures are no different from other grains such as wheat and the factors affecting the corn markets are almost similar.

Corn corn futures demand factors futures market months report traders weather


The Run of Gold during the Great Recession [0.15]

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The study of the behavior of gold during periods of recessions has been one of the most favorite studies, especially for gold bugs. As the economy slows, the recessionary pressures usually lead to expansionary monetary policies from the central banks, leading to higher gold prices during such periods, or so goes the theory.

consumer cycle demand economy GDP Gold Paper phases recession rise


Bonds are perhaps the most interesting of all the financial products that are available to trade. CME futures introduced bond trading on the 30-year treasury bonds in 1977 and was later expanded to cover the 10-year, 5-year, 2-year treasury notes and the 30-year Ultra Treasury bond futures.

bond future interest rate market note rate Securities Treasury year yield


Natural gas is a flammable gas comprising of methane and other hydrocarbons. It is a naturally occurring gas found underground and is extracted the same as other fossil fuels such as oil.

demand eventually futures gas gaseous heating natural gas states usage winter months