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Akoustis Technologies, Inc. (AKTS) is now priced at an unsustainable ~$200 million valuation.

In this second part of an investigative series (Part 1 is here), TheStreetSweeper presents additional reasons we consider Akoustis stock a major risk to investment portfolios.

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Recent reverse-merger, Akoustis Technologies, Inc. (AKTS), we believe is partially controlled by a hard-partying but secretive man once investigated for possible stock manipulation of reverse merged companies.

Indeed, the over-the-counter stock uplisted to the Nasdaq a few weeks ago and caught fire.

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Pulse has been digging the hole deeper and deeper because new medical device companies simply get doggone expensive just swaying in place.

Pulse is already over $12.6 million in the hole.

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TheStreetSweeper issues an alert for any investor considering stock in (CRCM).

The stock has recently ripped to an unsustainable level and is now dropping back a bit.

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TheStreetSweeper issues an investor alert about the quiet furor blowing up around Foundation Medicine (FMI).

Stockholders are suffering a significant decline in earnings from Foundation.

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Investors may soon find themselves checking the pulse of Pulse Biosciences (PLSE)... and getting nothing. Stock in the zero-revenue company began trading on the Nasdaq in May 2016.

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Wecast Network (WCST) has stumbled along since 1996, when the company was called Gallery Rodeo International, a Beverly Hills “art business” turned hotel/gaming business with $327 in cash.

After seven incantations over the decades, Wecast is now a mishmash of China-linked businesses, controlled by Chinese parties and overseen by a Chinese chairman toting 40% of the company’s common stock.

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TheStreetSweeper issues a warning for investors of Professional Diversity Network (IPDN).

IPDN stock has gone Wild, Wild West following widely misunderstood investor announcements … including one regarding a Chinese investment group that we found lists its business address as a post office box on an island.

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Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) may be using Trump tales to hook investors.

The company appears to be allowing distribution of extremely aggressive and possibly misleading news - even suggesting the new administration has “a desire to permit” Northern’s stalled project.

agency claims darted effort hype Northern pump relations stock upward


Superior Industries International (SUP) is finding itself within the crosshairs of President Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican policies.

The Southfield, Michigan company makes more than 80% of its inexpensive car wheels in Mexico.

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Last month, as Force Protection (FRPT) prepared to slash its workforce in an effort to save money, the company quietly adopted a new policy that could expand the bonus awarded to its well-paid CEO.

Michael Moody, who earned seven figures as Force Protection’s brand-new CEO in 2008, could score even more this year despite plummeting orders for the company’s military vehicles.

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Charles Rosen is a soft-spoken spine surgeon who has earned the kind of reputation that’s normally assigned to a hard-nosed cop.He first blew the whistle on a giant healthcare company a decade ago, when a hospital owned by Tenet – the second-largest publicly traded hospital chain in the country – failed to inform him that its operating-room sterilizer had not been working properly for months. He worried about payments from medical device makers to physicians in particular.At the time, Johnson & Johnson had just won regulatory approval to sell the nation’s first artificial disc based upon studies carried out by physicians who received generous payments from the company.

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When Atlantic Wind & Solar (AWSL) issued its latest investor update , the company buried a potential bombshell – disclosing plans to abandon a celebrated project with Morton Salt – beneath announcements about a revised business strategy and a new corporate headquarters.Just two months ago, AWSL claimed that it had landed a contract with Morton to carry out a feasibility study for the generation of renewable power at the company’s big salt-producing facility in the Bahamas. Back then, at least, AWSL seemed excited by the deal and the opportunities it might bring.“Should the feasibility study lead to implementation,” AWSL stated, “it would be the first hybrid renewable energy (RE) system used to solely power any major manufacturing facility in the Caribbean – thereby verifying the RE potential for all to see and opening up many new possibilities for Atlantic’s products and services in this region.”By the time AWSL issued last week’s press release, however, the company had lost all of that enthusiasm.

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The story at Imaging3 (OTC.BB:IMGG) is following the same familiar plotline made famous by the popular movie “Groundhog Day.”Every morning, IMGG investors wake up with high hopes that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will finally clear the company’s Dominion 3-D scanning device for sale. Every night, they return to bed with a sense of disappointment lightened only by the chance that tomorrow will somehow be different and bring the good news they so crave.Since Imaging3 first submitted the Dominion for FDA review in mid-2007 – and optimistically predicted approval for the device within six months – investors have been reliving this torturous cycle for two full years.

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Talk Is Getting Cheap at Imaging3 -- 12/22/2009 [0.14]

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