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The more complex the trading system, the greater the risk of human error while following the system.

Continue reading to find out why candlestick patterns are an excellent tool to improve your trading success in a simple way.


San Francisco-based software analytics firm New Relic ($NEWR) is a relatively new IPO from late 2014 with explosive potential.

With $NEWR forming a tight-base near the highs its two-year trading range, let’s walk through the charts of multiple timeframes to analyze the breakout setup.

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Tesla, the dynamic manufacturer of futuristic cars, cutting-edge energy storage, and slick solar panels, was a sweet ride for traders who bought the massive breakout back in April of 2013.

Since then, the overall dominant trend of Tesla ($TSLA) has been sideways.


Trader Q&A: Does Stock Price Affect Maximum Risk Per Trade?

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