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I featured Amazon (AMZN) as a bearish swing trading candidate in last night’s member report and this morning we’re seeing initial follow-through in the bearish direction as shares failed at a wall of clear overhead resistance.

Amazon’s sell-swing today plays into the broader market weakness and is giving profits to those aggressive traders willing to step-up and sell into the resistance pivot.

Amazon AMZN bearish candidate member night resistance swing trade trading


Energy XLE Downtrends to New Low [0.04]

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So far in 2017 we’ve seen relentless selling pressure in the XLE (Energy ETF).

The Energy sector is the latest victim of “weak stocks get weaker” as price broke to a new swing low this morning in an ongoing daily downtrend.

bullish energy ETF relentless selling stock swing time trade Trend


We’re seeing this type of activity pick up in Snap Inc (SNAP) as price – in a downtrend – made yet another new low.

SNAP is a great example of our “weak stocks getting weaker” principle which has us trading retracements IN the direction of the prevailing trend and NOT against it.

activity downtrend falling Motion pick SNAP trade traders Trend type


I’m so excited about this event, given the big explosion in volatility of the last week.

During the presentation, you can expect easy-to-understand, plain-spoken tactics from a trader who shows his profits with his education.

big easy excited expect explosion plain presentation to understand volatility


Monday gave us our strong, expected rally up away from the 2,440 critical pivot (that I’ve correctly been highlighting to members) and we now see price gapping up – and falling this morning – at our 2,470 Fibonacci Target.

Come join us to learn these tactics (beyond this simple/quick update) and have an evening game plan you can use effectively for the next trading day.

Fibonacci gave members Monday pivot quick rally strong trade update


Bullishly trending NVIDIA (NVDA) just broke a bearish rising wedge on negative divergences, collapsing instantly to a daily chart support target.

NVIDIA repeatedly showed up on our “Strong Stocks Getting Stronger” scan, but the recent negative momentum and volume divergences into $170 gave us pause.

bearish Divergences negative NVIDIA pattern rising stock trade Volume wedge


Netflix (NFLX) gives aggressive traders a chance to play a triple-support price level now.

For now, watch $167 and the $170 zone as critical support, playing the bullish departure “up away from it” with a confirmation breakout above $175.00.

Aggressive bullish chance members Netflix NFLX play trade traders triple


Continuing our thought process from this morning, let’s take a look at the snap-reactions and sudden price movement in our Quad-Market Grid.

Until we see otherwise, we’re seeing “Risk-Off” defensive behavior in our quad-market grid.

continuing Grid market morning quad reactions SNAP sudden thought trade


I’m joking of course but doesn’t it feel that way?

We should have fun trading markets, and it sure does feel like this pullback is the market saying “Hmm.

bearish EMA feel headline Korea market North pullback rising trade


I’m excited to announce that on August 19th, I will be speaking in an online conference entitled, “Best of Wyckoff 2017: Practical Applications of the Wyckoff Method,”organized by

For more information and to register for Best of Wyckoff 2017, please click here.

announce August Bruce conference entitled excited online speaking trader Wyckoff


While new traders aren’t encouraged to fight/fade trend in motion, there are specific setups that increase the odds to successfully catching an intraday trend reversal.

A Kick-Off occurs when momentum or internals (or both) make a New Session Low (in a rising trend like this) when price is clearly NOT making a new session low.

Divergences members momentum odds reversal rising session trade traders Trend


If you’re having trouble making the daily or weekly profits you’ve gained in the past, you’re not alone in this current low volatility market environment.

We’re seeing the S&P 500 Index with the % Change (daily) as the indicator.

bullish deals environment intraday market swing trade trader Trend volatility


Shares of financial giant Goldman Sachs (GS) broke resistance today into a Bullish Zone.

Goldman shares stalled and reversed down away from the $250 per share pivot.

breakout bull bullish Goldman pathway pivot resistance shares trade trap


After a narrow range developed between 2,465 and 2,475, we’re seeing a soft bullish drift take place today.

With the bullish rally today, note the upward pathway toward 2,480.

bull bullish developed drift narrow pivot playing soft time trade


On the morning of big US Jobs Report, we see a big intraday move in Gold and the Dollar.

At the same time, precious metal Gold snapped an uptrend to fall sharply down away from resistance.

big development dollar Gold higher intraday short term Trend watch


Pharma stock TEVA gives us another reason why we should NOT fight trends in motion.

This weak stock deceived traders into believing it was reversing.

bearish downtrend rally reversal stock Teva Trend Volume weak weekly


With the Dow Jones Index surging seven days in a row straight up, we’d be totally crazy to plan for a pullback instead of buying, buying, buying a rally that’s never going to end… right?

We saw a similar pullback to the rising 20 day EMA ignite a bullish fire that sent the Dow surging toward – then above – 21,000 in a roughly 14 day straight-up rally (we’re only at seven now).

bullish buying Dow momentum plan pullback rally straight surging trade


Big stock Apple (AAPL) reports earnings today and we’re watching a critical price level to set up the next trade to play.

Straight to the point, the critical price pivot level for Apple (AAPL) is $145 per share.

AAPL Apple critical earnings key pivot play swing term trade


We have YET ANOTHER “gap and crap” day like yesterday where morning strength (a gap up) turns into immediate weakness toward support.

While we had a bullish gap up, the bears took their swipe as price returned within our very short-term Fibonacci Grid.

breakout bullish crap Fibonacci gap levels morning play swing trade


Under Armour (UAA) is currently in a Distribution and Mark-Down phase, but how did we get here and why is this stock a textbook example of the Life Cycle of a Stock Movement from Accumulation to Distribution?

Nevertheless, this post isn’t meant to describe all three phases in detail, but to show how Under Armour (UAA) moved through these core concepts in ideal fashion.

accumulation additional Armour down mark Phase realization stock UAA up