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In event of IUC cut, Reliance Jio to make twin gains [0.07]

Posted on Aug. 16, 2017, 5:32 p.m. by Markets @ [source]

Any cut in the (IUC), the centre of debate in telecom circles, has largely one winner, (RJio), apart from the customer. Most analysts believe the (Trai) will cut by 30 per cent, from the current 14p each minute to about 10p.

analyst cent current cut debt minute Operating profit Rs crore services voice


Recently, Conatus Pharmaceuticals (CNAT) announced that it had completed recruitment for its trial treating patients with NASH fibrosis. In the first-quarter conference call, Conatus noted that recruitment for ENCORE-NF was slower than expected and that it would have to push results possibly to 2019.

clinical Conatus emricasan ENCORE NF NASH NASH fibrosis patient pharmaceutical recruitment trial


Apple (AAPL) has delivered a very strong Q3 2017 result, with growth in all its product categories. However, in spite of being one the most followed companies globally, I still feel that the stock is actually underappreciated by investors and that they are not yet grasping the full potential of Apple's Services segment.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) announced results for its combination treatment treating patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer). In the meantime, Bristol-Myers is still in good shape with respect to its Opdivo franchise.

Bristol Myers cancer Myers Squibb Opdivo results sales stock study survival trial


Mourners gather to honor the woman killed after a car rammed into a crowd of people who were counter-protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

car counter crowd gather honor killed Mourners protesting rammed woman


In the case of China Unicom, the country’s three biggest internet companies are investing: Alibaba Group, the e-commerce giant; Tencent Holdings, which runs China’s most popular social-messaging service; and Baidu, the online search company that is sometimes called the Google of China. The new language essentially formalizes — and underscores — what most investors and executives already assumed to be the case.

China China Unicom companies firm internet run shareholder state state owned Tencent


President Trump said "there is blame on both sides" and defended his initial statement about the Charlottesville, Virginia, violence in a press conference at Trump Tower.

blame CHARLOTTESVILLE defended initial President sides statement Trump violence Virginia


Approaching Breakout Points in These Stocks [0.08]

Posted on Aug. 16, 2017, 5 p.m. by rss_stock_analysis @ [source]

These have been some of the strongest stocks over the past six months, and so far, they aren't showing signs of letting up. After a slight drop off their highs, the pullbacks could already be nearing an end as the stocks once again start to show signs of strength.

breakout higher past months PENN signal stock stop loss swing traders upside


After six months of the Donald Trump Presidency, it is clear that there are a large number of conservatives and Republicans who have repudiated everything that Donald Trump represents, creating a larger opposition to a Republican President than we have ... White supremacists don't think they have power?

clear Conservatives creating Donald months Presidency represents Republican repudiated Trump


White supremacists don't think they have power? Terry McAuliffe's message to white supremacists who came to Charlottesville to show America that white rage is real and is coming out of the shadows.

America CHARLOTTESVILLE coming McAuliffe message rage shadows supremacists Terry White


CEOs on White House advisory councils must decide whether to continue to work with the administration in an official capacity. For the executives, keeping their roles risks alienating employees, customers or clients.

alienating CEOs clients customers employees executives keeping risks roles White


Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joins MTP Daily to discuss what could be a confrontation between a controversial group organizing a Boston “Free Speech Rally” and counter-demonstrators.

About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives.

Boston confrontation discuss joins Marty Mayor MSNBC MTP political Walsh


Today's stock is a bank that has very recently undergone a mutual conversion.

Today's write-up is on a (very) recent conversion to mutual status, the Heritage Nola Bancorp (OTCPK:HRGG).

balance sheet bank book capital earning MM offering shareholders small stock


Urban Outfitters (URBN) has just reported earnings and shares are getting rallying hard. It is worth noting that net sales increased 2.9% at the Free People brand, but fell 4.0% at the Anthropologie Group and cratered 7.9% at Urban Outfitters.

beat earnings estimates net performance Retail retailer sales shares year


Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) stock lagged behind benchmark indices this year but shows signs of reversal lately. The stock's robust positive momentum should continue on the back of Gilead's revived fortune in HCV market and encouraging developments in HIV.

drug Gilead HCV HIV market product quarter Revenue stock upcoming


More pain is ahead for this year's worst-performing sector, according to strategists who see oil prices dragging energy stocks even lower.

With crude near $47 after starting off the year above $54, Stephen Schork, founder and editor of The Schork Report, says the commodity will not get back above $50 per barrel anytime soon.

barrel continue crude demand energy Gilbert month oil refineries Schork


Construction spending for the second quarter is off to a slow start as judged by housing starts.

Mortgage News Daily reports Construction Indicators Slide, Housing Starts Suffer.

annual consensus construction housing June permits rate starts unit year


Redhill Biopharma has a seemingly awesome pipeline of promising therapies, either ready to market or in late stages of development.

Redhill Biopharma (RDHL) has accumulated a powerful pipeline of late stage therapies.

approval EnteraGam GI market marketing operation pipeline product RedHill therapies


The next BriefingsDirect Voice of the Customer thought leader interview examines how DreamWorks Animation is building a multipurpose, all-inclusive, and agile data center capability. How many things can I show a director, how quickly can I create the scene to get it approved so that I can hand it off to the next person, because there's two things that you get out of that.

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