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Is It Time to Take Solar Profits? [0.06]

Posted on Aug. 2, 2017, 2:17 p.m. by rss_stock_analysis @ [source]

SunPower Corporation (SPWR) put an unexpected dent in bullish solar sentiment on Wednesday morning, dropping more than 10% after beating second quarter earnings and revenue expectations while sharply lowering third quarter guidance.

SunPower shares ended a long downtrend at $3.71 in 2012 and entered a trend advance that stalled in the mid-$30s in 2013.

dropping month pattern quarter reached resistance solar stock SunPower week


Residents of Miami are cleaning up their homes and offices Wednesday as the remnants of Tropical Depression Emily exited the Florida city after dumping between 4 and 7 inches of rain.

Cars stalled out on city streets because of flood waters and residents took to kayaks and paddleboards for alternate forms of travel.

area caused damage flooding home hurricane Miami Rain St storm


RBI rate cut fails to cheer market [0.03]

Posted on Aug. 2, 2017, 2:10 p.m. by Markets @ [source]

The lowering of rates by the (RBI) failed to lift the markets, with ending 0.3 per cent lower. Globally, the world is marching ahead with zero to negative real interest rates, while India has one of the highest, keeping the rupee at alleviated levels and impacting export," said Jimeet Modi, chief executive, Samco Securities.

cent closed crore fell market rate Rs rupee shares stock


Penny Stocks to Watch for August 2017 [0.07]

Posted on Aug. 2, 2017, 2:05 p.m. by rss_stock_analysis @ [source]

Major benchmarks hit all-time highs in July, underpinning speculation in small-cap stocks and low-priced securities.

Biotech stocks shined during the month after major sector funds broke out of basing patterns in place since 2015.

breakout cent continued Inc July month reached stock uptrend year


Home Depot has fallen 2 percent this quarter, in contrast to the Dow's near 3 percent gain, due primarily to a 4 percent drop on July 20.

BTIG analysts Alan Rifkin and Marvin Fong said in a July 20 note that the decline in Home Depot's share price was likely "a major overreaction" to the Sears-Amazon news and maintained a buy rating on the stock.

Amazon analyst Dow gain Home Depot quarter rise stock Street Tuesday


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump is close to a decision on how to respond to what he considers China's unfair trade practices, a senior Trump administration official said on Tuesday. Trump is considering encouraging U.S. Trade ...

Trump is considering encouraging U.S. Trade ...

considers decision Donald encouraging President respond REUTERS trade Trump WASHINGTON


After taking oath in January, President Donald Trump has preferred spending most of his weekends at his properties — be it Mar-a-Lago in Florida or his various golf clubs across the country — over the White House. Despite several eyebrows being ...

Donald January Oath Preferred President properties spending taking Trump weekends


Hudson Technologies (NASDAQ:HDSN) is a diversified industrial goods company that operates as a refrigerant services company in the United States and internationally. Hudson handles refrigerant across the entire life cycle from initial sale to recovery, to reclamation and reuse, and final disposal.

continue growth Hudson industry management market refrigerant Revenue services year


Ever since Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced its offer to buy Whole Foods Market Inc. (NASDAQ: WFM), a lot of attention has been focused on shopping online for groceries.

Perhaps this will change as Amazon makes further inroads into [brick-and-mortar] retail [with the purchase of Whole Foods], but, for now, enjoys tremendous omnichannel leverage – which is especially important in the grocery category.

Amazon consumer food groceries grocery millennial online online only Shopping Walmart


Pandora (OTCPK:PNDZF) has taken a beating in the markets this year, tanking 22% YTD over fears of a slowdown in sales growth. However, I show in this research piece that Pandora has sustainable competitive advantages and multiple avenues of growth, which makes current valuation levels all too low.

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The Dow Industrials breached the 22,000 mark for the first time ever on Wednesday, boosted by a rally in Apple 's shares.Apple jumped 6.02 percent to a record high, after the world's largest publicly listed company reported strong results and iPhone sales, and signaled its upcoming 10th-anniversary phone is on schedule. It was the only S&P gainer with a 1 percent rise.The Dow has risen 11 percent in 2017, even as Wall Street is losing confidence that President Donald Trump and a Republican-controlled Congress would be able to cut taxes and increase infrastructure spending this year.The Dow hit the 20,000 mark in late January and crossed the 21,000 mark in just over a month on March 1, helped by a rise in banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan.

Apple Dow iPhone issues mark reported results strong The year


Bespoke’s Global Macro Dashboard is a high-level summary of 22 major economies from around the world. It’s published weekly every Wednesday at the Bespoke Institutional membership level.

Bespoke Dashboard economies global growth local performance rate versus yield


Part 1 of this 2-part series briefly reviews the second quarter financial results of AbbVie (ABBV) and then engages in a detailed overview of the commercial prospects for its lead drug Humira, the first all-human antibody (therefore its name).

The prior article also briefly lays out an alternative, and much simpler, case to own ABBV that omits the bottom-up analysis of its moving parts.

ABBV dividend drug Humira Imbruvica market pipeline product Revenue sale


Motley Fool, Apple tech oppourtunity [0.26]

Posted on Aug. 2, 2017, 1:48 p.m. by Stock Gumshoe @ [source]

Has anyone seen the Motley Fool article titled….. Say Goodbye to iPhone. No One Guessed Apple’s Next Product….

Apple Fool Goodbye guessed Gumshoe iPhone Motley product stock Titled


Eicher Motors' stock premium to sustain [0.13]

Posted on Aug. 2, 2017, 1:47 p.m. by Markets @ [source]

Eicher Motors, already up 40 per cent over a year, hit a new on Wednesday. All these, they feel, would help Eicher to ensure double-digit volume growth momentum for in the coming years.

analysts cent Eicher FY17 growth higher margin segment strong year


19K, 20K, 21K, 22K… [0.05]

Posted on Aug. 2, 2017, 1:46 p.m. by Bespoke Investment Goup @ [source]

The thousand point thresholds are dropping like flies these days. With the caveat that a thousand points becomes an increasingly small percentage of the overall index as prices rise, the DJIA just crossed its fourth 1,000 point threshold since Trump’s election last November.

closed closing crossed current DJIA election index levels Thousand threshold


Now President Trump is cheering as the Dow reaches 22,000 for the first time. The average is up more than 3,600 points since Trump's victory last November.

Apple August Dow higher market Record stock tax cuts Trump Wall Street


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Canopy Growth represents an asymmetric risk/reward opportunity because it is still likely to benefit significantly from legalization even if it does not achieve market dominance.

Canopy Growth's diversified business strategy, financial position, and the vast market for recreational marijuana in Canada all contribute to the company's potential to dominate the market.

Canada Canopy Growth legalization marijuana marijuana companies market medicinal marijuana produce recreational recreational marijuana